Graduate College Tuition and Fees

Students pursuing doctoral studies in each of the five CBI TP participating departments graduate programs typically are granted tuition and fee waivers from the University of Illinois Graduate College for the duration of their graduate careers. 

Additional Support for CBI Trainees

Most students enrolled in the CBI’s five departments also receive stipends to help offset living expenses. This holds true for CBI trainees, although the timing and source of support for CBI trainees may differ from that of their home department peers. 

Although it varies across the departments, during CBI trainees’ first year(s) of graduate studies, teaching or research assistantships or departmental fellowships often are used to fund stipends. Students may also be the recipients of university or graduate college fellowships of varying duration.

CBI trainees will receive stipends from the CBI program for one-two years at a rate determined by the National Institutes of Health. These stipends are awarded during the 2nd and 3rd years of graduate studies and may be supplemented with non-federal funds by the participating CBI departments.

Most CBI trainees, like their home department peers, will be supported by their research mentor’s grants during their 4th and 5th years of training. Some trainees may be in the position to apply for individual research fellowships awarded by organizations external to the university.