The CBI-TP Steering Committee will provide guidance on strategic direction with the goal of maintaining a stimulating environment fostering innovative educational and training opportunities as well as a collaborative research environment.

The committee makes strategic decisions regarding trainee selection, curricular policy, resource allocation, faculty involvement, and the appropriateness of research laboratories for inclusion in the training program. The members of the committee act as the admissions panel and serve as curricular advisors to new trainees during the fall semester before they join a CBI-TP faculty laboratory, helping trainees make decisions that will further their career and best highlight their goals and individual talents.

The Steering Committee has been successful in guiding the CBI-TP over the last 19 years of the program. For the current program period, our Steering Committee includes:

Prof. Paul Hergenrother
PI, Program Director and
Steering Committee Chair

Prof. Doug Mitchell
Associate Director

Assoc. Prof. Hong Jin
Faculty Representative
(SMCB, Biochemistry)

Prof. Mary Kraft
Faculty Representative

Assist. Prof. Paola Mera
Faculty Representative
(SMCB, Microbiology)

Citlali Gutierrez
Graduate Student Representative
(not involved in trainee selection)

Evaluation Advisory Committee

The Evaluation Advisory Committee serves an important role in objective evaluation of progress toward program goals. This committee is made up of members who are not directly involved in the CBI-TP program and are thus able to provide objective feedback and expert recommendations for our program.

Dr. Luisa Rosu from UIUC’s Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning is an expert in evaluation of educational outcomes, Prof. Erin Carlson is the director of another NIH T32 CBI-TP at the University of Minnesota, and Prof. Rohit Bhargava is the director of another NIH T32 at UIUC. Their combined experience and input are invaluable to our program.

Dr. Luisa-Maria Rosu,
UIUC Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning

Prof. Erin Carlson,
University of Minnesota

Prof. Rohit Bhargava