Name Area Advisor Cohort Degree Where are they now

Jazmin Aguilar-Romero Chemistry Steve Zimmerman 2019 PhD 2023 Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Minnesota
Sarah Altman Chemistry Angad Mehta 2021 MS 2022
Brenda Andrade Chemistry Steve Zimmerman 2014 PhD 2019 Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, California State University Los Angeles
Chelsea Anorma Chemistry Jefferson Chan 2015 PhD 2020 Adjunct Professor Interamerican University
Jung-un Baek Chemistry Anne Baranger 2008 PhD 2012 Senior Scientist at ReCode Therapeutics
Max Baymiller Biochemistry Susan Martinis 2016 PhD 2022 IRACDA Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Prof. Stephanie Moon’s Laboratory at the University of Michigan
Dylan Blaha Biochemistry David Kranz 2020 MS 2021 Lead Medical Planner for United States Army Europe and Africa Office of the Command Surgeon
Andrew Blake Biochemistry Martin Burke 2018 PhD 2022 Postdoctoral Associate, Professor Amy Rosenzweig, Northwestern University
Rachel Botham Chemistry Paul Hergenrother 2010 PhD 2016 Senior Research Scientist, BioMap
Matthew Boudreau Chemistry Paul Hergenrother 2017 PhD 2022 NCI K00 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Prof. William Kaelin’s Laboratory at Dana-Farber Cancer Center/Harvard Medical School
Benjamin Brandsen Chemistry Scott Silverman 2012 PhD 2015 Patent Examiner at USPTO
Michael Brothers Chemistry Chad Rienstra & Brenda Wilson 2009 PhD 2013 Technical Program Manager, Chemistry and Devices, UES/Wright Patterson Air Force Base
Andrew Buechler Biochemistry Susan Martinis 2016 PhD 2022
Brandon Burkhart Chemistry Douglas Mitchell 2013 PhD 2013 Scientist at Janssen Pharmaceuticals
Steven Caliari Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Brendan Harley 2010 PhD 2013 Associate Professor of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, University of Virginia
Lindsay Chatkewitz Chemistry Paul Hergenrother 2018 PhD 2022 Senior Scientist at Arrakis Therapeutics
Martin Garcia Chavez Chemistry Paul Hergenrother 2017 PhD 2021 Senior Scientist I, Global Medicinal Chemistry at AbbVie
Jonathan Chekan Biochemistry Satish Nair 2012 PhD 2016 Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina Greensboro
Jiming Chen Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Diwakar Shukla 2018 PhD 2022 Computational Chemist at Superluminal Medicines, Inc.
Quin Christensen Microbiology John Cronan 2006 PhD 2011 Regulatory Scientist for Advanced Therapeutics
Benjamin Circello Microbiology William Metcalf 2005 PhD 2010 Senior Scientist, Microbiology Global Capability Organization, Procter & Gamble
Ryan Cobb Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Huimin Zhao 2009 PhD 2014 Senior Metabolic Engineer at Cargill
Michelle Colombo Chemistry Jonathan Sweedler & Mei Shen 2015 MS 2016 Physical Science Technical Assistant at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Troy Comi Chemistry Jonathan Sweedler 2013 PhD 2017 Research Software Engineer at Princeton University
Anna Conley Chemistry Wilfred van der Donk 2022
Ariana Bravo Cruz Microbiology Joanna Shisler 2015 PhD 2017 Associate Director Program Management Allucent
Katelyn Dahlke Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Charles Sing 2015 PhD 2019 Teaching Faculty II, UW Madison
Page Daniels Chemistry Wilfred van der Donk 2017 PhD 2022 Scientist at Primrose Bio
Caitlin Deane Chemistry Douglas Mitchell 2011 PhD 2016 Science Research Writer St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Lisa Tokmic (nee Della Ripa) Chemistry Chad Rienstra 2014 PhD 2019 Analytical Team Leader, Nouryon
Matthew DeSieno Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Huimin Zhao 2007 PhD 2011 Senior Manager – External Manufacturing at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Victor Dokukin Chemistry Scott Silverman 2010 PhD 2014 Senior Scientist at Guardant Health
Steven Doonan Chemistry Ryan Bailey 2015 Team Leader/Scientist at Eurofins EAG Laboratories – Medical Device Chemical Characterization
Kyle Dunbar Chemistry Douglas Mitchell 2010 PhD 2014 Scientist at Hexagon Bio
Sara Eslami Chemistry Wilfred van der Donk 2019 PhD 2024 Just-Evotec Biologics
Paola Estrada Biochemistry Satish Nair 2015 PhD 2019 Postdoc position at Princeton University in the lab of Mohamed S Abou Donia
Kristin Finch Chemistry Paul Hergenrother 2006 PhD 2011 Associate Chief Diversity Officer at Gonzaga University
Amy Freeman Chemistry Paul Hergenrother 2011 MS 2013 Group Leader at Ecolab
Jessica Frisz Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Mary Kraft 2007 PhD 2012 Project Manager at Zoetis
Alfredo Garcia Chemistry Paul Hergenrother 2014 PhD 2019 Senior Scientist at Cytokinetics
Victor Gonzalez Chemistry John Katzenellenbogen 2006 MS 2008 Psychiatrist
Chantal Garcia De Gonzalo Chemistry Wilfred van der Donk 2012 PhD 2015 Senior Scientist Analytics at Amyris
William Grier Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Brendan Harley 2013 PhD 2017 Senior Process Engineer at Omega Therapeutics
Valeria Sanabria Guillen Molecular & Integrative Physiology Benita Katzenellenbogen 2017 PhD 2020 Consultant at Boston Consulting Group
Jillian Gunther Chemistry John Katzenellenbogen 2005 PhD 2009 Assistant Professor, MD Anderson Cancer Center
Ian Gut Microbiology Steven Blanke and Wilfred van der Donk 2006 PhD 2011 Principal Investigator, Battelle National Defense Institute, National Biodefense Analysis and Counter Measures Center
Lauren Hagler Chemistry Steven Zimmerman 2016 PhD 2020 Postdoc in Prof Daniel Herschlag lab at Stanford University
Elizabeth Haywood Microbiology Brenda Wilson 2014 PhD 2019 Instructional Professor of Biology, Illinois Wesleyan University
Christine Herman Chemistry Ryan Bailey 2008 PhD 2012 Managing Editor, Side Effects Public Media
Lucas Hernandez Chemistry David Sarlah 2016 PhD 2020 Senior Scientist at Bristol Myers Squibb
Kenton Hetrick Chemistry Wilfred van der Donk 2014 PhD 2018 Nonclinical Writer Beam Therapeutics
Jesse Horne Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Diwakar Shukla 2021 MS 2022 Data Scientist @ Dedrone
Gabriela Ibarra Chemistry Jeff Chan 2019 MS 2021 Software Engineer @ Amazon Web Services
Vanessa Iiams Chemistry John Gerlt 2009 MS 2010 Product Development Engineer at 3M
Yelena Ilin Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Mary Kraft 2013 PhD 2016 Senior Scientist – Genomic Medicine Unit CMC Cell Culture Process Development at Sanofi
David Knapp Chemistry Martin Burke 2007 PhD 2012 Associate at Freeborn & Peters LLP
Patrick Knerr Chemistry Wilfred van der Donk 2007 PhD 2013 Director of Metabolic Translational Research and Peptide Innovation, Indiana Biosciences Research Institute
Aliki Kolliopoulos Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Brendan Harley 2019 PhD 2023 Postdoctoral Associate, Professor Antonios Mikos, Rice University
Mara Livezey Biochemistry David Shapiro 2015 PhD 2018 Instructor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Detroit Mercy
Itamar Livnat Molecular & Integrative Physiology Jonathan Sweedler 2011 PhD 2016 Physician, UC Irvine, Residency
Madeline Lopez Microbiology William Metcalf 2012 PhD 2017 Senior Scientist I at Beam Therapeutics
Nicholas Marshall Chemistry Yi Lu 2008 PhD 2011 Head of Protein Sciences at Invenra
Julia Martin Microbiology James Imlay 2007 PhD 2013 Associate Professor of Microbiology and Biochemistry, Idaho State University, Pocatello
Tucker Maxson Chemistry Douglas Mitchell 2011 PhD 2015 Microbiologist at CDC
Martin McLaughlin Chemistry Wilfred van der Donk 2016 PhD 2021 Postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University
Claire Merchen Chemistry Yi Lu 2017 MS 2018
Justin Miller Chemistry Mary Schuler 2018 PhD 2022 Assistant Professor of Biochemistry Indiana State University Terre Haute, Indiana
Raymond Morales Biochemistry Isaac Cann 2006 PhD 2012 Medical Doctor, Boston Children’s Hospital
Kristen Muñoz Chemistry Paul Hergenrother 2018 PhD 2023 Scientific Analyst at Morrison & Foerster LLP
Philip Olivares Biochemistry Satish Nair 2015 PhD 2018 Staff Fellow, FDA
Matthew Olsen Chemistry Thomas Rauchfuss 2007 PhD 2011 Lithium Sorbent Development Project Leader at DuPont
Manuel Ortega Biochemistry Wilfred van der Donk 2011 PhD 2015 Associate Director, Beam Therapeutics
Alexander Parent Chemistry John Katzenellenbogen 2006 PhD 2011 Medical Director, Oncology TAU, at Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Spencer Peck Chemistry Wilfred van der Donk 2010 PhD 2014 Senior Principal Scientist at Pfizer
Sarah Perlmutter Chemistry Paul Hergenrother 2015 PhD 2017 Senior Scientist 1, Medicinal Chemistry, Abbvie
Quinn Peterson Chemistry Paul Hergenrother 2007 PhD 2011 Assistant Professor of Physiology at Mayo Clinic
Samantha Phinney Biochemistry Wilfred van der Donk 2014 MS 2015
Nicholas Pino Chemistry Jefferson Chan 2017 PhD 2022 Scientist 2 at Eikon Therapeutics
Caroline Porter Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Nathan Price 2009 PhD 2013 Senior Computational Scientist I at Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Lisa Powers Biochemistry Wilfred van der Donk 2005 PhD 2009 Head, Home Care Enzyme Development, BASF
Tim Precord Chemistry Doug Mitchell 2018 PhD 2023
Alexis Black-Pyroksz Chemistry Zaida Luthey-Schulten 2005 PhD 2010 Bioinformatics Program Coordinator (Faculty) at Michigan State University
Imran Rahman Biochemistry Wilfred van der Donk 2014 PhD 2021 Scientist II at Seawolf Therapeutics
John Rakus Biochemistry John Gerlt 2005 PhD 2009 Assistant Professor at University of Louisiana at Monroe
Crystal Randall Microbiology Joanna Shisler 2009 PhD 2013 Biologist CBRN Nonproliferation Analysis Argonne National Laboratory
Julian Reed Biochemistry Yi Lu 2013 PhD 2017 Principal Scientist, Amgen
Christopher Reinhardt Chemistry Jefferson Chan 2016 PhD 2020 Postdoctoral Associate in Benjamin Cravatt’s lab at Scripps
Michelle Richter Chemistry Paul Hergenrother 2012 PhD 2017 Principal Research Scientist at Vertex Cell and Genetic Therapies
Aaron Roth Chemistry Scott Denmark 2015 PhD 2020 Senior Scientist II, Abbvie
Amit Sachdeva Chemistry Scott Silverman 2008 PhD 2011 Associate Professor in Bio-Organic Chemistry, School of Chemistry, University of East Anglia (United Kingdom).
Irisbel Guzman Sanchez Biochemistry Matrin Gruebele 2010 PhD 2015 VISN 1 High Reliability Organization Lead at US Department of Veterans Affairs
Chris Schwalen Chemistry Doug Mitchell 2012 PhD 2017 Principal Scientist at Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR)
Joe Seimetz Biochemistry Auinash Kalsotra 2015 PhD 2021 Director of Research and Development at Ricovr Healthcare
Lindsey Shea Chemistry Wilfred van der Donk 2008 MS 2010 Physician, Indiana University, Indianapolis
Kyle Shelton Chemistry Doug Mitchell 2017 PhD 2023 Associate Technology Manager at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Kara Smith Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Daniel Pack 2006 PhD 2011 Global Operations Sr. Manager at Amgen
Sheena Smith Biochemistry David Kranz 2010 PhD 2014 Head of Program Management at Vector BioPharma
Cartney Smith Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Hyunjoon Kong 2012 PhD 2015 Principal Scientist, Research and Development at Ocular Therapeutix, Inc.
Emma Southgate Chemistry David Sarlah 2015 PhD 2019 Senior Scientist, Merck & Co.
Matthew Starr Biochemistry Rutilio Fratti 2018 PhD 2018 Biology Residential Faculty Estrella Mountain Community College
Riley Svec Chemistry Paul Hergenrother 2016 PhD 2020 Scientist, Discovery Chemistry at Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine
Paul Thomas Chemistry Paul Hergenrother 2016 PhD 2020 Principal Research Scientist II at AbbVie
Jonathan Tietz Chemistry Douglas Mitchell 2013 PhD 2016 Associate at Perkins Coie LLP
Kyle Trenshaw Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Charles Schroeder 2011 PhD 2014 Assistant Director for STEM Education, University of Rochester
Juan Velasquez Chemistry Wilfred van der Donk 2008 PhD 2011 Principal Scientist at Merck
Katie Whalen Biochemistry M. Ashley Spies 2011 PhD 2013 Biotech & Agritech Science Manager, Ferrero
Effie Zhou Chemistry Jefferson Chan 2016 PhD 2020 Patent Agent at Mintz