Matthew Boudreau
Advisor: Paul Hergenrother
Cohort: 2017
Degree: PhD 2022
Current Position: NCI K00 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Prof. William Kaelin’s Laboratory at Dana-Farber Cancer Center/Harvard Medical School

Research Description: Increasingly, personalized cancer therapies are becoming the gold-standard for cancer treatment. While cancer is a product of a multiplicity of aspects, every patient’s disease is driven by a specific set of genetic mutations that induce a cancerous phenotype. The advent of modern genome sequencing has allowed for the identification of specific mutations in oncogenes that are considered highly causative of developing cancer. Our aim is to leverage these known driver mutations in the discovery of novel inhibitors for specific oncogenes. These specific inhibitors will provide a high-impact endeavor for therapeutics as well as provide chemical probes for the perturbation of complex cancer biology.